CAR magazine selects 125 greatest designs of all time

In celebration of the 125th anniversary of the birth of the automobile, CAR magazine South Africa has attempted to identify the 125 most influential car designs of those 125 years. The task – a difficult one for sure – was left to the magazine’s recently departed Jake Venter. You can look at the list and decide for yourself, but it certainly makes for interesting reading. Clearly Jake looked at it more from an engineering/market influence point of view than ultimate “greatness”.

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Part 5, 1971 – 2011

Part 4, 1946 – 1970

Part 3, 1936 – 1941

Part 2, 1926 – 1935

Part 1, 1886 – 1925

PREVIEW: Cape Classic Car Show

FROM CARSINACTION: Having been a huge success when last held in 2009, the Cape Classic Car Show will once again be held at the Jan Burger Park, Parow, on Sunday the sixth of November, 2011. For  short update, click here.

The History Of LDS In Formula One Racing – Brian Tyler

A new book by Brian Tyler, The History of LDS in Formula One Racing, celebrates and details the work of the iconic Doug Serrurier. It is, according to Brian, the first book solely devoted to a South African manufactured car and the history of every chassis manufactured from 1961 to the present day.

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New Book On Kyalami (the old circuit)

Andre Loubser’s eagerly anticipated book about the old Kyalami is finally nearing completion. The folks at CAR magazine has had a preview and according to them it is something quite special – apparently it took about 25 years to do! Interestingly two versions will be sold. Read more here

Book Review: Three Men In A Hupp

FROM CARMAGBLOG: It started with Robert Hupp coming home one evening and saying: “I believe we’ll send a Hupmobile around the world”. It is not easy to be an adventurer – in the real sense – these days. Everything has been done. Humans have climbed the highest peaks, crossed all deserts and sailed all the oceans. A century ago things were different. The automotive industry was still learning to walk and companies were trying anything to show off their cars, prove how reliable their cars can be and demonstrate what they were capable of.

This is where Hupp automobiles did a clever marketing trick by sending three real adventures with one of its cars on a trip around the world. On 3 November 1910 these three gentlemen (Hanlon, Drake and Jones) left Detroit to drive around the world, only to return on 25 January 1912. This was a true adventure and it is neatly summed up on the book’s first page… For the full review and purchasing details, click here.


Top 10 Practical Classics

FROM CARMAGBLOG: Every enthusiast dreams of owning some kind of exotic classic car, but sometimes one has to be realistic about which cars from yesteryear are worth restoring, and won’t cost you a fortune to maintain. Here are just some sensible classics for which spares are not that difficult to find, and which should not get you too deep into debt. For Daantjie Badenhorst’s full article, click here

Rat Rod Naughty

FROM CARMAGBLOG: Posing here with Simon White’s stunning Rat Rod is local model Natalie Boonzaaier. Photography by CAR magazine’s own Kian Eriksen. For the full gallery and details on the vehicle, click here

CAR editor writes about his Opel GT

From CARMAGBLOG: Owning a classic car is something most motoring enthusiasts aspire to – it’s a bit like an itch that you simply have to scratch. Actually, you can almost not be called a true petrolhead if you haven’t owned a classic of some sorts. That is why there is such a vibrant market for “cheap” classics such as Alfa Romeos and MGs. By the way, this is also the reason why most men end up poor and bald, and sleep on the couch a lot… but that’s another story. For CAR editor Hannes Oosthuizen’s “love poem” to classic car ownership, click here.

RIP Dawie Gouws

FROM CARS IN ACTION: The sad passing of Dr Dawie Gouws sounds another knell for the generation of drivers who competed in the golden period of South African motor racing between the late 1950s and mid ’70s. Mild mannered and a gentleman to the core, Dawie was, however, an iron-willed driver on the racetrack. For Mario Lupini’s farewell piece on Dawie Gouws, follow this link…


Cars ‘n Planes

John Bentley, editor of Cars In Action reports: The dozen or so vintage aircraft met up with about 80 classic Porsches, Healeys, Jaguars and MGs on a Sunday in mid-May for a day of nostalgia at an air-strip operated by the Sayers Family Trust. Arranged by Peter Dorfer under the auspices of the Porsche Club of South Africa and the Porsche 356 Register, the event was a unique oportunity for lovers of both classic genres to exchange anecdotes about the history and technicalities of their wonderful machinery. For the full story, follow the link.